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Technical Consultancy

Brilliant ideas are only possible with sound strategy and the knowledge that the environment is constantly changing.

Making things twice as easy

Once you have an integrated digital signage system up and running, there are a number of very interesting things you can do with it besides simply seducing customers. At Corered, we can show you what’s under the hood and how you can use all that power to create an unfair advantage for yourself.

For example, our technical experts can show you how to use Beacon Technology. We can set up Audience Measurement parameters to capture valuable customer data. We can create special apps to make selected digital signs interactive in the exact way you want them to be. We can even show you how to use Way Finding stations to your advantage.

All those features and functions are possible with modern digital signage from Corered, and lots more besides.
Our technical expertise just makes them twice as easy to unleash.

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