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Digital Signage Strategy

Brilliant ideas are only possible with sound strategy and the knowledge that the environment is constantly changing.

Twice as exciting. Both for customers & you.

Lets face it - it’s time you started using sophisticated digital signage. Seamlessly blending your physical spaces into digital selling tools. Your walls and pillars no longer need to just stand around. They can be making sales for you.

Corered can show you the wealth of digital signage options that are available to help enliven your brick and mortar locations. We can help you choose the hardware, the signs, the screens, the video walls and the types of mountings. We can install them all for you, virtually anywhere.

Once it’s up and running, our popular Content Management System can make sure your digital signage applications all work together, locally regionally or globally. We can create compelling content for use everywhere, on all types of applications and we can write unique apps to make the entire installation super-responsive to customer curiosity or even customer touch..

It’s a proven selling tool that suddenly makes all your boring wall space twice as valuable..

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